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GMRS Live Node Manager

This software was written for GMRS nodes.

  • New time temp weather system
  • Weather Alert system based on New API
  • Supermon 1 click install
  • Setup screen. No editing files.
  • Supermon new weather forcast
  • Supermon repeater and Hub index
  • Bridging notification and autofix
  • Reg Falure notification and autofix
  • Network Falure notification
  • High CPU Temp Alarm
  • CPU event alarms
  • Alarms/Notification over read by the node lady
  • Supermon Logbook (soon)
  • Uninstaller and Updater.

This in not a bunch of shell scripts nor are they modifications to any existing scripts. This is a totally new program written from the ground up in Louisiana in cross platform PHP. The main goal is to modernize and get rid of editing files for new users. You will see a new option in your menu when you logon to the node this will take you to the setup program. everything is optional you may disable anything you dont want.
This is only the start it will include a GMRS Supermon with a live directory index,

Time and temp & weather

I wrote this because the built in temp was not displaying the correct temp for my area. I have my own weather station that submits data to the COWP which checks and relays this data into the NWS system. Most all services use this for my city but the node was not. This module pulls data from mesowest, madis, APRSWXNET/ Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP). APRSWXNET is the ham radio weather
stations CWOP is the stations that submit through the net like mine.

Find your local MADIS station and airport go to the map make sure all DATASETS are turned on and find the code your station or a close station near you.

I am using the new NWS API for forecast and alerts.

The module also has a high temp warning notice that will play after the weather. It can warn of over temp and throttling of the CPU.

Also included is a watchdog checking to see if net goes down and if you become unregistered.
The automated reg fix will atempt to bring you back online. This wont work for everyone because it depends on why your unregistered. If your port is being blocked by your
router, modem, isp or gateway after several days of use it will fix it.

Network notification. No longer will you node go down and you not know about it.

Advanced time system is much better than the default scripts. Includes randomized words and comments to make it sound more real.

The current weather alert script is way to hard to setup and most people are not even using it. It also uses a looping program that stays running in memory all the time.  This is my own version written from scratch in PHP. Its using the same sound files at this time. The included weather script is oudated NWS is moving away from v1.1 cap to v1.2 and autosky will stop working when its changed. I am using the NWS new API. The new API is geocoded so you need to enter your LAT/LON

This includes a new weather forcast for 7 days displayed in supermon. As well as new allerts and expanded weather station information.

Software is installed into /etc/asterisk/local/mm-software/

First I recomend you make a backup of your memory card, This software includes a Uninstaller but just to be safe please make backups.

Drop to a shell and type

cd /etc/asterisk/local/


php install.php

This will install the software and take you to the SETUP program. Select 1) Setup options

Edit the settings for your local weather station,zipcode & GPS position for your area.
The editor has a experimental option to generate a GPS centered on your ZIP code. and Generate a ZIP code from your nodes city and state.

Many options are included for the level of weather you want spoken after the time. Level 1-6
Customized muting of clock during NETS, Customized Alert modes, Customized temps for hot cpu alarms.

BETA Notice. Core processes are working but Supermon is still under construction. Weekly updates will be needed until its finished. A automated update notification system will be added later. For now recomend weakley updates.

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