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GMRS Live HUB Directory

The following is a list of Hubs you can connect to.

611Test and Tune Hosted By GMRS Live
700Nationwide ChatHosted By GMRS Live
900EOC Emergency Op's for Storm and Severe WeatherHosted By GMRS Live
921EOC Emergency Op's for Storm and Severe WeatherHosted By BROADNET SYSTEMS
922EOC Emergency Op's for Storm and Severe WeatherHosted By Texas GMRS Network
923EOC Emergency Op's for Storm and Severe WeatherHosted By South Dade GMRS
1082Southwest Michigan HUB
1111Mobile 2Ottawa Lake,MI
1112Mobile 1Ottawa Lake,MI
1114Michigami HUBOttawa Lake,MI
1171Hammond HubHammond,IN
1173Indiana HUB
1195The RoadKill !! Repeater SystemBaton Rouge,LA
1196The RoadKill !! EMERGENCY Op's - Baton Rouge, LA
1217The Bloomington IL 625 DV Switch Hub
1298The Boerne 700Boerne,TX
1301The Fancy Chris Hub
1510Alamo City HUB(Primary)San Antonio,TX
1512Alamo City HUB(Backup)San Antonio,TX
1530South Central Montana GMRS Live Hub
1602Lone Wolf System EPIC UNIV
1647Moms and Kids HUB Georgia
1690Lone Wolf Apopka, FL
1692Central Florida GMRS Group Back-Up
1780Lone Wolf System Yalaha
1781Lone Wolf System Minneola
1806South Dade GMRS Club Hub
1809Florida HubSouth Dade GMRS
1890Miami Dade HubSouth Dade GMRS
1891Broward HubSouth Dade GMRS
1892Florida Keys HubSouth Dade GMRS
1893Puerto Rico HubSouth Dade GMRS
1894Spanish HubSouth Dade GMRS
1915Central Illinois GMRS Live Hub
1925Lone Wolf St. Cloud
1970Emergency Radio Long Island REACT
1995Florida Statewide Links
1996The Tampabay Radio Group
2010Lone Wolf System BACKUP HUB
2011Lone Wolf System PR SPANISH HUB
2095The NC Network-Raleigh .675
2098The North Carolina Network
2148Remote to WRQL436 462.550Beatty,ORWRTX950
2149DDB Repeater System HUBSutherlin,ORWRTX950
2250Texas GMRS Network Statewide Link
2251North Texas Hub
2252South Texas Hub
2253East Texas Hub
2254West Texas Hub
2299SE WI Hub
2305Lone Wolf System Avon Park Fl Main Hub - Southern, Oregon [WRCD602]WRCD602
2460Sparta 600 Hub (WROY240)WROY240
2461James - Cromwell, IN (WROY240)WROY240
2506Slingshot Repeater System HUB, San Jose, CaWRKH273
2555Oregon HubPacific NorthWest NetworkWRTX950
2556Washington HubPacific NorthWest NetworkWRTX950
2557Idaho HubPacific NorthWest Network
2558Northern California HubPacific NorthWest NetworkWRTX950
2559Alaska HubPacific NorthWest NetworkWRTX950
2813CenTex GMRS Hub
2814Canyon Ridge - Temple, Tx
2877WP 444 Monte Del Estado
3001Tony - Palmetto Fl
3008Kirby - GMRS Live Network Assistant
4030West Lafayette GMRS Hub (WRNE507)WRNE507
4034West Central Indiana Hub (WRNE507)WRNE507
4145Oklahoma Statewide Net (
4146Oklahoma GMRS East
4147Oklahoma GMRS West
4255Oklahoma GMRS Net - EOC
4400Elmore GMRS Hub
4408SW Idaho GMRS Hub

Total nodes:76 (Last update on:August 07 2023 05:20:04.) A live list will be in my Node Manager/GMRS Supermon TBR

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